Announcing the blog!

Is this a blog? I'm unsure. 

Anyway, the plan is to launch a totally free pantograph design school. I had decided on doing this, for free, years ago, and I'm not 100% sure why, but I mentally committed so long ago so it's happening. I think it's a good marketing tool for the pantographs, so mostly for that reason, but also because there's very few people out there explaining the absolute basics, and that feels strange and unfair because YouTube has extensive 'how-to' videos on almost everything else. I actually only think it will be about 10 videos and there's a chance it'll be paid for by putting ads on the site, then in the future perhaps I'll launch a masterclass one day. 

I'm self taught so there's a very real chance I design completely different to everyone else, which is pure imposter syndrome I know. I also am very busy and if I offer this as a paid subscription then I'd have a timetable/ have committed, so this is just easier mentally too.

So! This is what I have in mind:

1. The basics

  • What's a vector file
  • Tools such as a graphics tablet
  • Software explanation, Art n Stitch/ Adobe Illustrator 

2. A full how-to design, covering

  • Adobe Illustrator tools 
  • Laying out the file so it nests well 
  • Generally, as I learn by watching, just a video of the drawing process

So the second video will likely require a video for each of the points, but that's not really 10 videos long is it. So, tell me in the comments anything you would like to know about how to design a pantograph, and I'll add it to the list. 

I also might keep the blog up long term to write about all the fun things happening in the studio, likely as a mailing list I've been meaning to start for 5 years. 

Deborah x 

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I watched the first video today – it’s a great start in showing your tools. Creating a nested layout for the pantograph is particularly interesting to me. I’d also like to know what inspires your pantograph designs.
As an aside, I use several of your pantographs and receive many compliments on them.

Gale Bulkley

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