Our studio started purely because we thought longarm quilting machines were cool and they had so much potential. We launched in March 2019 with the vague mission: introduce longarm quilting to new people, apply it to new areas.

Whilst we were trying to find areas to experiment, the UK textile industry was desperately trying to find solutions to production waste and that's how our textile waste studio was born.

Our founder Deborah's deepest darkest secret is that she's actually not got much of an idea about how to piece a quilt (or much of an idea how to sew, really). Deborah's background is in fine art and so our love of longarm quilting really came from the potential of digital quilting.

Our Glasgow quilt studio is about encouraging mindfulness and creativity, particularly in response to busy working lives. Our amateur piecing therefore doesn't matter (or maybe that's an excuse), as we see our role as the anti-quilt police. We aim to encourage others to relax, to remember to enjoy quilting, and to bring more people onboard to every area of longarm quilting.

Our pantographs, and now pantograph school, started as a response to lockdown. Through this we've discovered a global community of quilters and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

So now, five years in, we've still barely scratched the surface of experimental and illustrative digital longarm quilting - if anything we only have more ideas, so watch this space!