Either book in and learn how to stitch your quilt yourself or drop your quilt off for our digital quilting service

To book

Machine Rental
Get in contact by emailing deborah@dastardlyline.com with some information on what you want to book in for. We'll ask for some information then send you a link to our scheduling app. This will ask a series of questions such as quilt size and thread colour.

We typically start at 10am, just to make sure we have the whole day.

Quilting Service
Again, email deborah@dastardlyline.com with some information. Generally we work to about a 4-6 week turnaround but if that's too long and you have a tighter deadline, we'll send you a link to our scheduling app and you can book your quilt in for a specific day.

We charge at the end of the session or when you collect your quilts. This is because often someone comes in with two quilts when they booked one, or vice versa, so it allows a degree of flexibility.

We have a card reader or can give bank details

Our building has a café and a small kitchen with a kettle and a microwave. We will provide tea, coffee and snacks throughout the day but do not provide a lunch

We expect a quilt to take on average of 4 hours but digital quilting can take anywhere between 2 and 11 hours depending on quilt size, stitch density and digital pattern

We regularly stitch two in a day. We give each additional quilt brought in at the same time a discount. You are welcome to bring in as many as you have and leave the extra with us to stitch at a later point

We'll load the quilt together, discuss pattern and thread colours, then we sit back and watch the longarm quilting machine do its thing whilst drinking coffee and eating biscuits!

This is the most hands on, fun way of using the longarm quilting machine. The process is meditative and manually stitched quilts keep the visible hand of the maker, so we really recommend it on extra-personal quilts for example any made from baby clothes

When you arrive we’ll give you some fabric to practice stitching on. Once you have a design in mind and have practised it a few times we’ll load your quilt onto the machine together and off you go!

Manual quilting can vary from 2 hours to 1000 hour custom show quilts. It always takes approx 1 hour to load the quilt

We'll be by your side the entire time but will leave you alone to work as much as you're comfortable with

Digital E2E

The price for in-person machine rental and our drop off quilting service is the same and is priced by the longest side

We offer a £20 discount on each smaller quilt brought in at the same time

For table runners/ other non-standard quilt shapes, we take an average of the two sides

40-45" £70
46-50" £80
51-55" £90
56-60" £100
61-65" £110
66-70" £120
71-75" £130
76-80" £140
81-85" £150
86-90" £160
91-95" £170
96-100" £180
101-105" £190
106-110" £200
101-115" £210
116-120" £220

Manual Rental

£40 for the first hour, £25 for every hour afterwards

Basting Service

£50 for a quilt of any size

Note our basting service is for quilts to be taken home to be hand quilted as there’s no need to baste prior to stitching on the longarm


We sell wadding for £12/m. What we have in stock varies but it's typically 80/20 or 100% cotton.

Thread is included in the price of machine hire

We unfortunately don’t offer a binding service

1. Don’t baste

The three layers of your quilt are attached to the machine separately.

2. Square off your backing

3. You need excess wadding and backing

We recommend minimum 4 inches (10cm) on every side, but it’s most important at the top and bottom. It is fine to have more than this.

Note - it is almost impossible to align the top and bottom of your quilt exactly due to the way the fabric rolls with each machine pass as the backing fabric shrinks more than the top during stitching

4. Indicate if the quilt top and/ or backing are directional