Illustrator Tools - A Guide for Longarm Quilting Digital Pantographs

The next video instalment in the digital pantograph school for longarm quilting machines. Tools:

Pencil tool (n) - used to draw. Set at 1pt stroke
Select tool (v) - for selecting entire path/ every anchor point
Direct select tool (a) - for selecting single anchor point 
Cut (c) - to cut a path/ your pencil drawn line
Add Anchor point (+) 
Delete Anchor point (-) 
Zoom in - (Ctl +)
Zoom out - (Ctl -)
Very soon I'll have the pantographs listed on the site though that's such a mammoth task I'm putting it off, and I also want to make a video to talk about my longarm set up (visible behind me), with my dual computer screens. So, grand plans like always! I'm quite enjoying making these as it's making me learn how to edit videos. 
Anyway, feedback always welcomed! 

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